TransParker.gifAloysius "Nosey" Parker

Born: May 20, 2013
Current age: 55
Position: Butler/chauffeur and comrade in arms to Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, Parker trained as a butler to the finest homes in England. But, unable to find work in his chosen profession, he fell in with members of England’s underworld and soon became known as a one of the world’s finest cat-burglars and safe crackers. Despite his reputation, he was caught and sent to Parkmoor Scrubs prison to carry out a jail sentence.

Once released from prison, he tried to earn an honest living, but soon the allure of the seedier side had him back in his old ways. While trying to burgle the contents of an oil tycoon’s safe, he was caught by Lady Penelope, who saw an opportunity for a partner in her own clandestine activities. She had heard of his skills and offered him a job as her chauffeur and butler, as well as a partnership in her covert activities as an International Rescue agent. He accepted and became a fixture in the Creighton-Ward household.

When visiting the Tracy enclave, Parker has an uneasy relationship with the Tracy’s retainer, Kyrano, often telling Kyrano the way to do his job and please "milady".

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